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  • Acidizing corrosion inhibitor
Acidizing corrosion inhibitor

Acidizing corrosion inhibitor

  • Product description: Acidizing corrosion inhibitor

I. Product Introduction

DKJ-HS-Z neutral corrosion inhibitor consists of an organic neutralizer, an organic corrosion inhibitor and corresponding synergists, with functions of both corrosion inhibition and neutralizing anti-corrosion. The product earns a good reputation after long-term usage of many oil refineries. The product has the advantages of high corrosion inhibiting rate, small usage amount, good water solubility, innocuity, slight pungent smell and effectively preventing dew point corrosion and the like.

II. Quality Indicators

Serial number      item indicator Measuring method
1 appearance orange thick oily liquid Ocular estimation
2 density (20°C) g/cm 0.90 to 1.10 GB/T 1884-2000
3 dissolvability water soluble Ocular estimation
4 PH value 9 to 11 GB 9290-2008
5 condensation point °C ≥90 SY 5405-1996

III. Directions for use

1. The product is applied to low-temperature system equipment anti-corrosion of atmospheric and vacuum distillation units in refineries.
2. As agent adding is divided into pre-filming stage and normal agent adding stage, recommended usage concentration is such that the agent adding amount is 120ppm in pre-filming stage, period being 7 to 15 days; and the normal agent adding amount is 30 to 50ppm.
3. It can be injected into flow lines by injection pump directly or after solution.

IV. Package and Storage

1. The product is packaged by 200L barrel, net weight of each barrel being 200kg, or packaged according to demands of a client.
2. The product needs to be prevented from crash in loading and transportation in order to avoid leaks.
3. Quality guarantee period in cool and airy environment is one year.

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