• defoamer
  • defoamer


pulp defoaming agent, paper chemical DF-011B


lEasily dispersed in water

lCan prevent microbial growth

lGood compatibility with other chemicals

lUsed under different temperature and acid/alkali system

lExcellent defoaming and antifoaming performanceby using small dosage

Technical data

lAppearance: White or light yellow milky liquid


lViscosity:500~4000 mPa.s

Technology process

lCan be added into system before or after foaming

lRecommended dosage: 10~1000ppm and best dosage depends on the test

Chemical composition

lModified Polysiloxane


lWater based paint/coating

lTextile coating

lCleaning agent

lIndustrial water treatment

lOil drilling mud

lOther water based system

Package, Storage and Transportation

l200kg/drum or25kg/drum

lStored in dry, shade and ventilated warehouse

lShelf time: 9-12 months

lTransport as non-dangerous chemicals

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