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Reverse Demulsifier

Reverse Demulsifier

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Product features:

Oil Removal Agent is oil-in-water emulsion demulsifier, its main ingredients for cationic polymeric surfactants, mainly is suitable for the emulsified oil content higher oil refining sewage, oil field sewage, mechanical processing,paint coating, such as waste water treatment, according to the different processing formulation adjustment, in order to achieve the best treatment effect.Compared with other agents, the advantages of low dosage, adaptable,high oil removal rate, etc.





Yellow or yellowish brown liquid

pH value


solid content≥%


Method of use:

This product will be diluted2-5 times after directly add to the waste water, stir to settlement.
Appropriate use of PH for 5-12 to PH = 9 about coagulation demulsification effect is remarkable.
Dosing position general selection of quick mixing pool in sewage treatment.
Dosage with varieties of waste water,generally around the adding quantity of one over one thousand.


Safety, packing and storage:
Security: this product should avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.Once the contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water, do not delay.
Packing: 25 kg and 200 kg plastic drum, or according to user requirements.
Storage: should be the shade, one year warranty.


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